Tamasha, A Live Show or A Show of Life?

If there is one movie that singularly and without exception, always resonates too many feelings inside me, that is Ranbir and Deepika starrer ‘Tamasha’.

The story of a man who is an unconventional story lover and teller but is forced to live a conservative, conforming life of a meek and tame man. While holidaying abroad he meets a girl, doesn’t tell her who he really is and pretends to be the fun loving, witty tale teller he had always wanted to be but never got to be. He lives his hidden reality with her for few days and goes back to the pathetic, fixed-patterned life he had been forced to create back home.

Every time I watch the movie I can’t help but think that what actually is a drama or show – living the unconventional life we so believe in and in reality are or the normal norms-abiding life we have to live to adhere to the norms? The comical dance moves and dialogues between the protagonists in an equally out of the world Corsica are really the spectacle (Tamasha) or the man who loved and inside his mind lived the tales and their twists, living a straight, untwisted life is the performance he is giving to the world everyday?

Our norms and conventions are so rigid and believed to be correct that anything non confirming to them is a Tamasha. A child wanting to be an artist, actor or athlete, a girl wishing to be independent or by herself, someone expressing a different love orientation, a desire to not get married or to not become parents, all such deviations are a disturbing drama and are opposed by a much intense and disconcerting melodrama.

The male protagonist of the fabulous film, is like most of us, a victim and surrenderer to a similar situation but he luckily finds someone who falls in love with his other side and later chases him to find a completely different person who she can’t bring herself to love.

This is when the second question gets raised inside my mind – we do find people who love our, free-spirited side when they see it but why don’t they continue to love that unusual, unorthodox persona forever? Especially when their love was enough to help the exceptional to find voice and claim their individuality and distinction in being themselves.

Deepika’s played Tara’s rejection of Ranbir’s played Ved’s common man’s life pushes Ved to rediscover his exceptionality. We all need Taras to see the distinctions we all hold and to encourage us to stick to our stands and the most painful thing is we do find them but with time they forget the real reason they fell for us initially.

The norms come back to fore and are required to be complied with at the end of the play. The reality is again forced to look like the show and the show must become over when the curtain falls after the act and then the actor must become a common man or woman completely at ease with the act of pleasing the hard to please world.

Life again becomes an act and the act has to be called life. This is the most unfair thing that happens to the exceptions, outliers and the extraordinaries of the world and the effort that they have to make to wander between the two extremities and to fit in the undesired life takes a toll on them.

Take a moment and think of the people in your life. Did you fall in love with the normal classic version or something rare and remarkable about that person? If you did, then are you helping him or her enough to live the remark-ability and rarity which is the other person’s strength as well as source of happiness or are you the one now detesting him or her for the distinctions?

Tara’s love for Ved’s antics and dramatics brought his exceptional talent to life. And did Tara get attracted to Ved because opposites attract? The third question the movie raised and my answer is no, not at all. This is another myth. People with the same values attract each other and not the opposite.

Tara’s value was having fun and freedom in life and so did the hidden and real self of Ved did. They might be different in backgrounds, status, aspirations, strengths and struggles but they were similar in their values.

We always get attracted to the people with shared values. Some of us just unfortunately let go of the exceptional streak and get comfortable conforming to the demands of world. Feel free to do that if that makes you happy but do not leave the hand of your soulmate who has been still holding the fight and flag for both of your values. Just be there with your strength for him or her and that will give enormous life to your bond and he or she will win the battles for both of you.

Whatever you loved him or her for – the exquisite looks, the intellectual mind, high ambitions and drives, a unique talent, fun loving, happy go lucky attitude or a beautiful, kind heart, whatever you fell heads over heels for, keep loving him or her for that and do not force him or her to forgo it and become someone else to fit in.

That will be your biggest act of love. Tara won our hearts because she was first alive enough to love the lively Ved and then strong enough to not settle for his meek act.

Blessed are those who find their values and love in one person. Just be brave and let the Tamasha play and persist and not perish under any piddly pressure.

Long live love, life and the lovers of life!!!

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